Who Has The Best Pizza In Barbados?

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On weekends I like to treat myself to the sweet foods of Barbados. It could be fish and chips, chicken and macaroni pie, pudding and souse and of course, one of my favourites – pizza.

Pizza is Italian for cake, tart, or pie. Pizza is flatbread typically topped with tomato and cheese and baked in an oven, but don’t forget pineapples on mine. It is commonly topped with a selection of vegetables, meats, and condiments.

The modern pizza was invented in Naples, Italy, and the dish and its variants have since become popular and common in many areas of the world.

Pizza involves a crust usually made of flour, eggs, salt, and other flavourings, some people use herbs in the dough, I LOVE THAT.

You can have a quite healthy pizza or a quite high-calorie pizza depends on what type of crust or toppings you choose.

So Why Is It Called Pizza

Probably comes from “pita” as in pita bread, but the word “pizza” first appeared in a Latin text from the central Italian town of Gaeta, then still part of the Byzantine Empire.

It’s Round But Comes In A Square Box

I don’t know why but I can make a guess, maybe the first reason for this strange mismatch is efficiency. Square boxes can be assembled easily and quickly, whereas assembling a round pizza box is rather difficult. 

A round box requires specialized pieces and even a machine to assemble, which isn’t particularly efficient if the goal is to have boxes prepared as the pizzas become ready.

But who cares, I want what insides the box.

Where To Get The Best Pizza In Barbados?

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