Soursop Punch With Milk

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How to make Soursop punch is easy, there’s no better way to consume soursop then in a beverage, follow our recipe and drink it anytime of the day. Creamy, Delicious and Healthy Soursop Punch.


1 tsp nutmeg grated
4 – 6 tbsp condensed milk
¼ cup milk optional
1 tbsp vanilla
1 – 2 tbsp cane sugar
½ small lime or lemon – optional


Feel free to adjust slightly to your taste

Peel the soursop and remove the core.

Place the soursop pulp (fleshy part) into a large bowl.

Add soursop pulp to your blender (no more than ¾ full).

Add water to the blender to completely cover the pulp.

Use a large spoon to stir and loosen the mixture.

Blend on high until pulp liquefies. If the blender is struggling, add some more water, stir and resume blending.

Strain the soursop juice into a large bowl.

Use a large spoon to stir and press the juice through the strainer adding more water as needed.

If any unblended soursop pulp remains, repeat the process.

Choose whether you would like soursop juice with lime or milk, then use the relevant ingredients in the recipe above to flavour.

Pour your finished soursop juice into a large jug and refrigerate.

Bless up & enjoy it chilled!

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