Passion Fruit Drink

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This is my all-time favourite drink to make any time or any day of the week, passion fruit drink is simply delish.

Passion fruit is used in yogurt, ice cream, soft drinks, cakes, desserts, liqueurs, fruit juices, jams, and jellies, and eaten fresh.

How to make passion fruit juice from frozen pulp

Juicing a passion fruit is easy. If it is frozen, then place the pulp inside a blender with other ingredients and blend it., Otherwise take your ripe passion fruit and cut it open. Using a spoon scoop the pulp out into a mesh strainer.


4 passion fruits
2 lemons
2 cups of simple syrup
8 cups of water


Extract the juice from the lemons, blend all ingredients together.

If your blender isn’t big then put half of the ingredients (2 passions fruits, 1 lemon, 1 cup of simple syrup and 4 cups of water) and blend for a couple minutes.

Strain into a big cup and serve cold.


Recipe Submitted by Bajan Gardens.

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