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No Help For Bajans Suffering With Fibromyalgia

Most people have never heard of Fibromyalgia (FMS) even though it is one of the most common ailments that affects your bones and muscles. The most common symptoms of FMS include deep aching, burning, stabbing or throbbing pain, extreme fatigue, joint stiffness, muscle weakness and brain fog, also known as fibro fog.

Despite being such a common condition, it is often misdiagnosed, misunderstood and often sufferers are made to feel that it is all in their head. Which isn’t entirely wrong. FMS once was thought to be a psychological issue but in recent times it has largely become a recognised neurological condition. It has now been proven to be caused by a problem with how your brain and spinal cord processes pain signals from your nerves. In essence, your brain sends out pain signals when there isn’t anything wrong with that area.

FMS is often regarded as a diagnosis of exclusion because there are currently no conclusive tests to diagnose Fibromyalgia. A person is often given this diagnosis after other possible and similar conditions are ruled out. Some conditions that are often confused with FMS are rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lyme disease, lupus and hypothyroidism.

There are guidelines that usually help a doctor to diagnose FMS like the presence of trigger or tender points, pain lasting more than 6 months and usually the relief of this pain from the use of medications like Cymbalta or Lyrica.

10 Steps To Your Happiness

When I wrote my book, Make Yourself Happy, I dealt with the kinds of issues we all encounter, fear, failure, struggle, relationships, self image, labels that “misdefine” us, attitudes and habits that hold us back, but I also realised that some of what I said in the book could be reduced to 10 steps. If we take these steps, they would contribute to our happiness, or help us create happiness for ourselves.

My list is not exhaustive, nor definitive. Others might add to or adapt the list. I actually thought of 15 or 20 steps but here are the 10 I view as important.

(1) Do Not Wait For Anyone Else To Make You Happy – You are responsible for creating your own happiness every day. 

We are in the habit of waiting for an event, for people or possessions to make us happy. For example, do you think or say, “I will be happy when I find my soul-mate… When I get the car/house/partner/job/promotion, that I want and deserve… I will be happy when ….” If you make statements like that, two things should strike you. First, that you are delaying your happiness to a future time. Second, that your happiness is being pinned to an item or person who may not be within your control. I became so much more free and happy when I understood that our lasting personal happiness cannot be created by anyone other than us. 

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10 Bajan Foods You Can Cook Everyday

Love cooking? Directly from Bajan cooking groups we bring you some of the most favoured Barbadian foods cooked daily and their recipes.

1. Bajan Chicken Soup

If yuh want uh real bajan soup this the recipe for there is no bajan real old fashion soup with out these ingredients [Recipe]

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7 Places Every Bajan Woman Wish To Be Romanced

Hey guys we did the research so you don't have to. We talked to women from across the sweet island of Barbados asking for their thoughts and where would be some ideal places for a romantic date and below are the top seven favourites.

1. Atlantis Submarine

Being underwater with him is like being in another world; it's no longer a submarine it's a love boat just for us surrounded by colourful fish and gorgeous life forms, it's a magical eco system we get to enjoy together and remember - Gina

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