Bakeries In Barbados Don’t Tell Us This

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In Barbados we have plenty bakeries, some big, some small and some home bakeries, but they don’t tell us on the label how to keep the bread eatable for a few days or weeks past recommended shelf life.

If you an excess of bread then the question is how to keep those bread fresh that are in excess?

What are the ways that can keep those bread in a fresh state for a long period?

The bread must not be kept in a plastic bag in the fridge. This will crumble the bread. It should be kept in a cool environment to save it for a long time.

The bread must not be treated in these ways otherwise it will get rotten shortly.

The plastic bags must not be used to preserve the brand for a long time.

The bread must not be kept in plastic bags. These plastic bags hold all the microorganisms within and do not let the air pass through them.

The flow of the air does not take place in plastic bags. This will keep the precipitation in the bags and then the bread gets this moist and becomes mist and drizzle.

This will help in the growth of mold and fungus in the bread.

The plastic bags do not let moisture inside the bag:-

The airflow in the plastic bags is zero.

No air can pass through the surface of a plastic bag. This will dry the bread inside.

The water of the bread also starts evaporating in the fridge and warm place. This results in the drying and crumbling of the bread pieces.

The purpose of storing the bread is to prolong its life and keep it fresh and raw. The use of plastic bags will make these bread pieces dead, dry, and crumbled. So you must adopt the ways through which the bread can keep fresh.

The bread which is being sold in the bakeries, they are using baking enhancers. These enhancers will increase the period of bread and keep them fresh in stores.

If you are running a bakery, then the following are the ways through which you can preserve this bread for a long period.

  • You can keep the bread inside a drawer. The drawer will provide it a warm place so it can store its water for a long time.
  • You can place the bread inside an appliance garage.
  • You can freeze it so it will get mold easily and can be used for a long time.
  • The bread box can be used.
  • A paper bag can be a good bag to store the bread.

What happens to bread when you keep it in a paper bag?

Have you seen the restaurant and bakeries, they are using brown bags for selling their food. There is a main reason and function of this bag because it stores food for a long period and keeps the food fresh and warm.

The paper bag is the ideal solution to a problem. It must be closed completely so no air can pass through it.

The air will pass through the pores in the paper and keep the inside air fresh. This will remove the microorganisms from the inside and keep the air fresh.

The only disadvantage of this bag is that it can be easily torn apart by touching it. So if you are looking for a solution then a paper bag is the best solution for storing the bread for a longer time.

Bread Boxes are the best strategy to store the bread for a longer time

If you are saddened by the behavior of bread then you must look for the solutions by which you can keep this bread safe for a long time.

Bread boxes are a great solution to a daily problem

These boxes should not be tightened airtight, it must be kept in such a way that fresh air can circulate through them.

These bread boxes are mostly wooden or bamboo material. These materials have pores in them which can easily circulate the air within the box.

Additionally, they are not tightly packed so to rotate the air. The air pores will help in the adding of air inside.

In this way, the moisture does not build up in the box and the bread can remain fresh. Otherwise, the bread will turn crispy, grated, crumbles, scraped, dry and frizzy.

There is another way to keep the bread fresh for a long time, you can open the lids for a while in the morning and evening so that the excess moisture can be removed from the bread box.

These boxes are available in a variety of designs and styles in the market, you can grab your favorite one and add colors to your kitchen as well.

You must know the texture of your bread to keep it safe for a long time

The baking of the bread will determine the life of the bread.

Some get mold very easily and some get dry shortly. It completely depends on the baking of bread.

Sometimes when the bread is baked, there is a large quantity of water in it.

If there is a high hydration level upon baking, it will increase the growth of microorganisms and mold will be grown on the surface of the bread.

If the water quantity is less upon baking, then the bread will get dry, crumble, and frizzy shortly.

   So the question is how should we treat the bread in both cases?

Some bread holds more water upon baking, but just after baking the water evaporates from it.

      And sometimes they hold this water because the dough soaks this water inside them and after baking it retains in them for a long period.

   The light weighed bread will have less content of water while high weighed bread will have more content.

   You should keep those two pieces of bread according to their quantity of water inside them to keep them safe for longer otherwise it will get mold or get dry according to water quantity.

   The choice of a better environment according to the bread texture can prolong the lifespan and freshness of the bread. Therefore whenever you are trying to store the bread, read its conditions first and then store it according to its texture.

   This will save you money and your time. Food should not get wasted and in this way, the chance of its wastage would be less. It

What should be the temperature and moisture level to keep the bread for longer?

The temperature of the room is between 20-22°C.

This temperature is important to keep the bread eatable for longer.

The moisture of the air, the wind, the air, the temperature of the air you live in play an important role in keeping the bread fresh.

If you are living in humidity where the moisture level is very high, then you must keep the bag of bread that can airflow the air inside it.

This will remove the moisture from the bread and prolong its period of life. You can also keep them in a freezer to remove their moisture.

On the other hand, if you are residing in a dry area, this will evaporate the moisture from the bread and it will get dry and frizzy.

Therefore in a dry environment, the bread must be airtight completely, so no water vapor can be removed from the bread. This will keep the bread fresh for a longer time.

What will happen to your bread if you freeze it in the refrigerator?

Freezing your bread can be the best solution to your bread. It can be stored for months in frozen form. For restoring it;

  • You should use a plastic bag and make sure no air remains inside.
  • Seal it airtight. So no air can enter and be removed from it anymore.
  • Freeze it in the freezer. The freezing of the bread will not let the condensation of glucose in the bread loaves.
  • The frozen bread can be used for a long period.

If you want to use frozen bread, you must keep this bread at room temperature for half an hour and then bake it in your oven and fresh bread will be on your plate to serve you.

Can we store bread in a drawer and what will happen to it?

Kitchens have drawers made in their walls during construction.

These drawers can keep the bread safe for a longer time. These drawers act as a bread box that does not allow water intake in them.

The drawers can be more economical for you and your kitchen and they can also serve your purpose of storing the bread.

How does a linen bag help in the storage of bread?

The linen bags are available in a large number of designs in the market.

The bag with a drawstring is the best because it can easily remove all the air from the bag and can airtight it.

The intake of the air will not keep the bread dry or moist. It will save the bread for a long time.

The linen bags retain the necessary moisture in the bag for a long period so the bread can be in fresh form.

The linen bags are available in several sizes and shapes, you can grab your favorite according to the amount of bread you want to preserve.

What happens if you keep the bread in a Tinfoil?

To store in tinfoil is a bad choice. The tinfoil locks the moisture inside it and it will help in growing the mold inside the bread and it will rot easily. Therefore avoid using tinfoils.

Is it good to store the bread directly in the fridge?

A big no! Fridge is an area that is extremely dry and dehydrated.

This dryness will evaporate all the moisture of bread in a short time. The moisture of the bread will be finished and it will get dry and crumble within an hour in the fridge.

Therefore keep the bread in a warm area to store it for a long while and then enjoy it.

What is the effect of the hydration level of bread while baking?

Some dough soaks more water on baking and some less. It depends upon the dough status.

The bread should be stored in keeping the water quantity in it.

Heavy bread should be kept at different temperatures and light weighed bread should be kept at different temperatures.

Therefore keep it in deep consideration before storing the bread and keep the external environment according to the bread texture to store it.

The right choice can save you a large amount of bread.

Bread is not meant to store for more than 4 days. That’s an important fact.

The bakers and some bakeries make them in a way that it must be consumed within four days.

You have seen that in bakeries, bread is replaced on a daily rotation, and it is baked by the number of buyers.

It happens because it is hard to store it for a long period. Therefore bakers choose to make it on a fresh basis.

So if you are looking to store it for more than 3-4 days, then you must keep them in special conditions so it can withstand the environment.

These conditions can be a use of proper bags, the optimum temperature, the optimum moisture content, etc.

These conditions can prolong the life of the bread and it can be used for a long period. But if you do not take care of it properly, it can get mold and dryness on even the second day.

The freshness of the bread depends totally on its environmental conditions.

In this article, all the dos and don’ts have been explained, so try to avoid and adopt them. This will save your time, your money, and money.

Nothing should be wasted so these ways are the best to get freshness after a long period.

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