Bajan Jamun Jam

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Jamun is those purple grapes the birds eat n shit on yuh cars n stains


2 cups ripe Jamun
2 cups of sugar
1 cinnamon stick or a mince finger of ginger


Wash the Jamun well and drain.

Place the sugar and the fruit in a heavy-bottomed pan and heat on medium flame.

Within a few minutes, the sugar will melt and the fruit will release purple juices. Slowly bring the mixture to a boil.

Mash the fruit with a spoon for the seeds and the skin to separate well.

At this stage, you can choose to flavor the jam with a stick of cinnamon or ginger.

After boiling for 5-10 minutes it will turn into a thick syrup.

The mixture will continue to thicken after it cools down so do not boil it too long.

Let the mixture cool a little and strain it to get rid of the seeds and the skin. Pour the jam into a clean glass jar.

It can be refrigerated for up to a year.

Recipe Submitted by Good Old Bajan Cooking Group.

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