7 Places Every Bajan Woman Wish To Be Romanced

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Hey guys we did the research so you don't have to. We talked to women from across the sweet island of Barbados asking for their thoughts and where would be some ideal places for a romantic date and below are the top seven favourites.

1. Atlantis Submarine

Being underwater with him is like being in another world; it's no longer a submarine it's a love boat just for us surrounded by colourful fish and gorgeous life forms, it's a magical eco system we get to enjoy together and remember - Gina

2. Dinner at Any Restaurant

Eating your favourite food alone is almost a climax by itself, now try sharing that experience with someone you like, 98 percent said yes to dinner at their favourite restaurant; the other 2 percent wanted dinner at his place, go figure!

3. Breakfast

The Crane Hotel, Savannah Hotel & The Hilton Hotel all came in for high praise for their famous breakfast dining.

4. The Beach

Not every couple finds the same activities romantic but plenty ladies did favour the beach for all activities including picnics, walking on the sand, skipping stones among others.

5. Movie Night at Home

Watching romantic movies is still something most ladies enjoy with their male counterpart, we even got some recommendations for you, here goes; Fireproof, The Vow, Before Midnight and Me Before You.

6. Q In The Community

This weekly party is so much fun and entertainment for the older people in Barbados it's now something most ladies look forward to.

7. Boat Cruises

Book a day cruise and she will be forever in-love with you, according to most ladies we surveyed it's been said whether it's a day cruise or Caribbean cruise you can't go wrong guys.


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