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Facts for men

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 8:15 pm
by Duncan
As a Barbadian man and not too bad looking if I do say so myself, I, typically, have at least two fat disgusting male faced female who want to deal with me. Do I deal with them? Nope. Now, they have the ideal personality; they are nice, intelligent, and empathetic. However, I know that I CAN do better than them. It’s not a delusion, it’s a FACT.

The same thing goes for women. It sucks not to be what a woman is looking for. It’s hard to stomach being rejected. But sometimes, that woman that you so long for just isn’t into you. She KNOWS that she can do better than you.

When a beautiful woman is bombarded by an endless list of options, she isn’t going to be willing to give that up unless she thinks you are as good as it gets. An alpha female, (scratch that) demands the best mate possible.

It’s easy to hate beautiful women who refuse to settle when they have hoards of men throwing their life-savings at them.
Even if she isn’t god’s gift to men, she might have options that make what you have to offer pale in comparison.

So what do women want? Women want a man who is generous with what he has. It’s economical stupid. You don’t have to be super-duper rich, you just have to have enough time and resources ($$$) to make her happy.

Being rich isn’t enough. Women want a guy with money who is willing to spend what he has on her. They want to feel protected and provided for. The prettier she is, the harder it gets since her pool of men is so vast.

Here are a few translations for you from woman-speak —

You are boring = you don’t buy me things, take me places, and entertain me

You aren’t a real man = you don’t buy me things, take me places, and entertain me

Now, men differ in opinion —

The guy is pu$$y whipped = he buys her things, takes her places, and entertains her

In conclusion, I’m not telling you to date or get married since most of that s#it is toxic and bad for you. However, if you wish to get laid by attractive women, you’ll need to burn money like it was going out of style. The more money you burn (at bars, clubs, malls, restaurants, etc), the more desirable women will flock towards you, like bees to honey.

If you are stingy with money, you’ll end up with a three hundred pound fattie.

Here is some real world math: Fat chicks for Po’ boys.

In my opinion, if you are tight with your funds, forget women and chase money.

Re: Facts for men

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 8:32 pm
by Islandfish
Love those facts however build yourself up financially and when you are 40 pick a career woman in her thirties to bear your children. By the time they are grown she will be fifty past her prime and you can both enjoy retirement on the sandy beaches of Barbados. :mrgreen:

Re: Facts for men

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 8:40 pm
by Duncan
When you are 40 and established, you are better off marrying a young nubile sexy-as-fuck female without baggage, not some used up, post careerist whore with 5 autistic eggs left. Just saying!